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k-member swap

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im trying to find out what all needs to be changed if you're going from a stock k-member to an aftermarket tubular k-member? sometimes i see people say that nothing needs to be changed, and other times i see people say other things need to be changed.

i'd prefer to not have to change anything if at all possible, but im just wanting to learn. thanks
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It depends on what kit you buy.

I put an AJE K-member in my 87 and switched to a manual rack and coilovers at the same time. They do make A-arms that have spring perches on them; with those you wouldn't have to change to a coilover. The manual rack isn't a mandatory change.
I had a AJE on my cobra with the factory A-arms but put coilovers on it anyway cause I planed on upgrading them later and it all went together fine.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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