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K member Question

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Put tubular a arms and k member off of a 95 on an 88. It moved my wheels up a little so that now the driver side on hits on the front part of fender. Was wondering if this was cause of the a arms or the actual k member? And do you know if the foxbody a arms would just fit in the same place as these. Thanks
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What brand tubular k-member?
Most of them have slotted mounting holes to adjust for differences in manufacturing.

Is it possible that when it was installed it may be a little too far forward on that side?
sn-95 a-arms are wider than fox. also some k-members INCREASE the wheel base.
i have a new custom set of aje tube a-arms that are a inch shorter if any one needs them.
What does that do by having them shorter??
What does that do by having them shorter??
so u can tuck front runners under the fender and lower the mess out of it.
looks better.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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