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John Force vs. Tony Pedregon

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Did you guys watch John Force get in Tony's face for talking about the John Force team cheating. The race did look like he gave it away to put all of his four cars in the top 10 but hell I think I would of done the same thing. A bunch of guys are whining because they say John manipulates the outcome of some races. He has four cars racing so I think he is going to catch a bunch of shit from the other guys that can't afford four cars to put in to the race.
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Seen it

Yeah seen it.Still watching now.Did look sketchy him driving out of the groove but hey.Hell the opponent could have easily redlit giving him the instant win also.
Tony crying cause his brother got bumped out.
Cruz was crying also, calling John a cheater and a liar. They said it themselves that they knew it would happen so why cry about it now on tv. I wish Force would of laid Tony out.
Just goes to show, there is no love at the top.:slomo:
simple solution............get faster.
two sides to every story but he looked guilty to me, look at the reaction time .2 :crazy:
I agree. Hell, he's in the countdown... what would you have done?

I think it should be old school 1 car per owner that way all the politics stay out, people do that all the time in nascar
I am a big John Force fan, but Tony is right about him doing it. But why cry about it what does he expect him to do? You know they reference when Tony and Cruz raced earlier in the year and Tony beat him, you can bet your ass if that was Tony in the other lane from Cruz in that situation Tony would have went up in smoke to make sure his brother made the countdown!!
Yeah I saw it too, I was waiting for John to swing too, he was PISSED!! Im still not sure how he manipulated it by throwing the race though. But they seem to believe he has been doing it for years and yeah I could see the race as a bit fishy. He left the groove THEN started spinning and the front tires were planted the whole run. Of course they werent going to find anything changed in the tune, why would they go through the trouble of changing the tune up just to make the car leave left or right when its easier to have the drive stage with his tires turned just a bit and say it was an accident.

Congrats the Ashlet for winning it too, she was hawt as usual :D
that suck went outside when all this happen
If anyone didn't see that coming has to be blind. I knew that Robert was going to win that race just wasn''t sure how they were going to pull it off. John knows his shit and did it perfectly. I can totaly understand why it was done, right or wrong it was purley a business decesion. These guys are messing with millions of dollars from sponsers and you have to do what ever you can make them happy. Was it a shitty deal? Sure it was but ohh well.
damn john was ready to throw down...
I think it should be old school 1 car per owner that way all the politics stay out, people do that all the time in nascar
When was the last time you watched a NASCAR race? The only teams that are consistantly competitive are multi-car teams with at least 3 cars.
I think alot of that was just for show to help ratings......Back when john crashed in dallas t-ped was the first one to the hospital to see john.If cruz wanted it that bad he should have won his race??

What sucked about it was it took away from ashley winning the biggest race of the year!!
the Pedregons are cry babies...

of course Force threw it, no surprise
if cruz had won more rounds throughout the year this would be a non issue............get faster.
pretty much!

they're notorious crybabies from everything I've heard
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