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Keith Craft 331 stroker with forged eagle crank, H beam rods, JE 10:1 pistons, stud girdle, speed pro oil pump, Canton 7 QT oil pan.
Motorsport underdrive pulleys
Griffin radiator

JBA Firecone 1 5/8 shorties
Bassani X pipe
MAC Stainless flowpaths dumped.

Intake and fuel:
AFR 185cc heads,
CC EE cam .555/.565 224/232/112 LS
EFI Spyder intake
Accufab 75mm t/body
30lb injectors,
PRO M 75 bullit meter,
Autologic custom chip,converted to 1993 and older IAC, TB, and TPS

Drivetrain suspension and exterior:
Tremec 3350 trans
B&M ripper shifter
Mcloed Kevlar clutch
motorsport aluminum driveshaft
motive 3:90 gears,
Motorsport 5300c springs
Kenny Brown subframes
Upper and Lower control arms, panhard rod, (currently taken off)
Custom black paint by details in Addison
315 nitto drag radials on motorsport chrome Cobra R wheels Polyurethane bushing in the front suspension


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ive known keith for a long time. i think he builds some of the best engines in the country.ive got a lot in it,lol. short block was around 3200 back in 2000. and just add from there,lol. thanks for your comments.:D

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stroker95 said:
it ran lousy at denton. not a 1/8 mile car. more street or 1/4 mile car. made 361 to the wheels on motor, spun the 28x10.5 slicks. best pass friday was an 8.7/84. with a REALLY lousy 2.04 60ft.went faster inn the 1/8th with the old intake a best of 89.8 mph. spun the dr's really bad too,lol. with this much power it should run7.80 in the 1/8th at least, even with as heavy as it is (3710). want to make a 1/4 mile pass, car should run much better in the 1/4. runs fantatic on the street too,lol.
my car tipped the scales at 3125 :D

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thats with me in it, i weigh 168 pounds. so its a tank. a lot of guys dont weigh what i weigh, and i dont get it. yes i have everything still on it, but it still shouldnt be that heavy. gonna put it on a diet if nobody buys it.lol:D
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