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Iron recomendations

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I started playing golf again after I had some issues with my shoulder and hip. I have been playing with an old set of Ping Zings and want to upgrade to atleast to year 2000 technology. I have been thinking about a used set of Taylor Made Burners or R7 CGB's. Any recomdendations? What do you guys use?
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Callaway X-18s are good.

I play Titleist 755s.
How good of a golfer are you? If you're pretty 'fresh', you'll want something cavitated for more forgiveness.

I'm using a set of Tommy Armour Silver Scot Oversize irons, 3-PW. I have a 56* Nike SV wedge for chipping and sand.
I had the same issue as you. Hadnt played in 5 yrs or so, and needed to upgrade. Bought a set of Adams ovation 2 irons. Came with 9 clubs, 4-PW/SW/LW for $129. These clubs are cavity backs, and made a huge difference in my game. Im left handed, but here is the link to the place I bought from.
Love my big berthas... very forgiving, still pound 3i 220+
I'd look into some Ping i5/G5's. Really great clubs and you can find a used set for $300 or so all day long.
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