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Interesting site at DFW airport

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So, I was coming out of a restaurant the other day and noticed something odd in the sky. It was something I have only seen in person when I was in Moscow. Thinking the Russians were taking over, I followed the plane.

Talked to the guy in the truck and he said the plane was delivering electrical power plant equipment for a station in West Texas. Why are we buying stuff like this from the Russians :(

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Antonov An 124..... I have seen them a few times. Just becuase it is Russian does not mean we are buying anything from them.

Last time I saw one it was being loaded with chinook helicopters we sold Singapore..

It is strange that the USC&BP are their thought.
They told us the plane came directly from Moscow and it had Russia writing all over it. Not to mention the Russian flag on the tail. So I'm pretty positive it was Russian :tongue:

You can also look up the company on the side of the plane and it's a transport company located in Russia.
There is no doubt about it being Russian. I have seen them up close and the crew that fly her are Russian.

Just saying what was on board may or may not have been Russian.
The guy in that truck worked for the power plant or whomever and told us that the equipment was made and being delivered from Russia for a power plant in west Texas.
Gotcha... Last time I had seen one the Singapore Air Force chartered it to delivery 3 chinooks to Singapore. They where flown in torn down and stuffed in the belly. That is one REALLY large bird.
Yep, seen it several time from here at work ( southeast side of airport). Talked to the shipping guy and it's used for extra heavy loads. I bet a big transformer would be heavy as hell and hard to move by truck.
Kinda of cool to me, nice photos.
Why are we buying stuff like this from the Russians :(
free Wodka with purchase of chernobyl leftovers.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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