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I have a Intake Question I was wondering about.

I have been reading and reasearching intakes and Have seen a lot on the F-150 intake to mustang gt swap.

I looked at the f-150 intake and the runners are longer but look smaller in dia. now this tells me that you will get more torque but not much power then I was reading that if you increase runner lingth you will see more hp. so what I'm asking is that with the smaller dia and increased runner leingth will you get more torque and hp or not?

I also keep hearing that the f-150 to mustang gt swap will get more power. just wondering if that is correct. In a way I can see how. just wanted to know if anyone else agrees with me.

Mind you I have aluminum Heads that are ported and polished, 70mm ported and polished throttle body, and PI cams.
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