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Hourly Plus Commission Jobs Need to fill ASAP For Clear.com!!

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Hey guys, I know that I don't get on here very much, but I need to get about 75 people hired to work for Clear.com. And what better people to work with than car guys!!

The position called National Retail Sales Executive.

$12/Hr plus Uncapped commissions!!!

You would be inside a Best Buy selling Clear, internet to the BB customers in the store. So like a rep position. Now with this it is retail hours, nights and weekends, or whenever the store is open. You would work around 40 hours per week, and if you do well you will be able to work more. The position does offer benefits. These are not seasonal positions, they are full time!

Must have retail or sales experience!!

So of the things that we will be looking for is people with good people and sales skills. People who have some knowledge of computers, cell phones, tv's and neworking will get priority. Also looking for people that can train the Best Buy employees and be apart of the BB team even though you will work for Clear. The better relationship you have with the BB team the more money you will make!! We have NRAE's in our Portland, Las Vegas, Witchita Falls, Amarillo stores make above $40k per year with ease!!

If you are outgoing and know you can sell send me your resume asap!!!

[email protected]

Check out Clear.com and Clearwire.com for more info or just email me!!

Thanks Ryan!!
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reliable? and locations?
what about part time?
Yup very reliable and there are 29 best buy locations that we are looking to fill. And yes we can do a couple part time positions as well.

Just email me guys if you have any more questions.
Hey guys, I've received nemerous emails and resumes!! Thank You!! I hope to meet a lot of you on Monday!
Thanks to every one that has come in or emailed me. We have hired 5 people off this forum already and still have several positions to fill.
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