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We know why, it is either since she is a Texas fan, and is obviously stupid, she doesn't know any better....or, it is because you are a Texas fan and she is staying with you because you make her look like a MENSA member.


Holy Shit...I actually laughed at something Brent Bevo said....after a UT penalty, "Well, I guess the defense can produce more yards than the offense"

Hate the fucker, but gotta give that line credit
You're still a dick, and I haven't forgotten that we still have a date...

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Heres a few guys that would disagree...

Roger Staubach
Jim Plunket
Tony Dorsett
Earl Campbell
Billy Simms
Marcus Allen
Vinny Vestaverde
Tim Brown
Hershel Walker
Barry Sanders
Charles Woodson
Carlson Palmer
As long as this list is, the heisman failures is 3 times as long. How did Archie Griffin do in the NFL, he was a double heisman winner.
41 - 60 of 227 Posts
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