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Holy S*&% Monster Kart

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That guys nuts. My 125cc shifter kart was crazy enough driving around I cant imagine having a 900cc motor on it.
I wonder if that guy is still alive, lol.
Fantastic! That looks like a blast. Wonder if there would be any chance of getting that thing street legal?
He definitly needs a fucking helmet on, but he was driving the shit out of that thing.
FUCKING awesome......
But i can't imagine a 900cc engine on a kart... My buddy has a 400cc 2 stroke from a suzuki on his shifter kart, and it is INSANE........i was thrilled to drive it and glad i lived to tell about it...
Shit, that thing hauls ass - I'd imagine the tires don't last long!
i want to say i want one, but i know i'd kill myself or shit my pants while driving it.

either one would suck.
Awesome, needs a helmet and 1/4 mile times lol
I just keep thinking of Mario Cart lol. That little thing needs a damn roll bar-and I wonder what the hell kind of tires he's using to live up to that abuse.
thats crazy
I would give that shit a try, looks fun as hell.
Awesome, needs a helmet and 1/4 mile times lol
And a Yoshi costume.
DAMN that look like fun. I'd love one of those.
i read somewhere that the guy builds these for a living in florida
1 - 20 of 22 Posts
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