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Hey all,

Not a newbie to Mustangs, only to this site. Long time Corral.net member since their inception, I’ve wondered over here to this site following a lead.

I’ve always owned Mustangs, actually have owned (20) to date, including my current (2):
1994 SVT Cobra coupe; SVT Build #13 out of the 5,009 coupes.
2018 S550 Premium w/Performance Pack

I’ve always heard the DFW Crew was top notch and I’m glad to be welcomed to your home turf. I have a connection to TX since my other lives there and having been there numerous times in the late 80’s/early 90’s. The hook for me was when visiting, seeing the Mustangs running the I10 and I35 corridors - the TX DPS SSP’s, that is what I’m referring to... :)

Onward to my quest here...
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