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Hello, New to the forum so I figured it's time to say hello. I purchased a 2017 GT for my wife earlier this year. The car is hers but we've both been really enjoying it. It's an automatic GT "Premium" in "magnetic metallic". It was all stock when we bought it except for a set of 18" AMR "Drift wheels. We have replaced those with a set of staggered SVE "SP2" wheels that I had powdered coated satin black. She wanted a bigger rear spoiler so I replaced the factory spoliler with a larger but not crazy big Scott Drake spoiler. My wife is really happy with how the car looks. She wanted a better sounding exhaust so I installed an MBRP "Street" cat-back exhaust system. She's really happy with the way the car sounds now.

A little backstory on how we ended up with a Mustang....
I started building and racing (street and bracket) small block Chevy's in the late 80's. Then moved on to turbo Buicks. I played with turbo Buicks for several years and had a lot of fun. Then work and life commitments got in the way and I sold my last turbo Buick (an '87 GN) in 2011). Not a year later we had to by my wife a new car and she decided she waned a Dodge Challenger. Fortunately for me, she has always been a "car girl" and she would not be satisfied with anything other than a V8. We found her a beautiful brand new 2012 Challenger RT - black on black with matte black RT stripes. That was a fun car, not the best quality, but fun nevertheless. Sadly, my wife totaled that car on the way home from work one night after only about three years (2015). After that she decided to go with something more practical and we replaced her Challenger with a 2016 4Runner. I was driving a 2006 4Runner at the time. When our daughter started driving we gave her my '06 and my wife and I shared the '16 for a while. When it was time to add another vehicle to the garage, we initially started looking for a Camaro, but expanded our search to include Mustangs. Once she had test driven a couple of both, she decided she liked the look and feel of the Mustang better. Within a few weeks I found a 2017 Mustang GT that met all of our criteria at a Porche-Audi dealer in Shreveport, Louisiana. Here's a quick picture of my wife's Mustang....

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