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Heads up if your coming to SA

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If your planning on making a trip south this weekend they will have 35 south closed down in Selma right before you get to Retama all weekend long. If your coming and you want to know what backroads to take to avoid this let me know.
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I guess I will take the helicopter this weekend so I can avoid the mess.
281 all the way! Yea I know it's going to sux all those going south. Hell from New braunfels(sp) take 46 to SA

but there are others once u get clloser but those will be backed up since everyone and there mother will be going those once they start playing follow the leader
Best route is to stay on 35 south about 5 miles south of New Braunfels and then take the 178 exit. That is FM1103. Go left on 1103 until it dead ends into FM78. Take a right on FM78 and go about 1 mile past Randolph AFB. You will then hit 1604. Jump on 1604 west to IH35 and your back on route and missed all the traffic. This detour will only take you about 5 miles out of your way and cost you about 10 minutes tops.
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