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From Pro-Drag Radial to The Sheriff BD on fun ford board:

I know you're going to be put out to pasture, well I have a seat on the porch
You're going to have to just be ready to hand this new legend your torch

You won't be better than me Bigs, you're not even my equal
I'm like Terminator 3 you're like Legally Blonde the sequel

Yo Bigs talking to you is like talking to a caveman
Do I really need to get out some sticks and draw it in the sand?

With a big block, 17 turbos, and four kits, you still couldn't win this fight
I'm the new thing dude, you're not even the prototype

I'm going to wear you out this year Bigs you and your ben-gay ointment
After Orlando you're gonna hold the title of "World's most disappointed"
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