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Got my bloodwork back!

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It's been 24 months since I last had my bloodwork done. (cholestrol, thyroid, etc.)

Well 2 years ago the results were not good. My cholestrol was off the charts, my thyroid wasn't working right, my weight was a roller coaster, my sugar was borderline high (pre-diabetic). You name it, it was wrong with me.

Well, just got the call from the doctors office and everything is "excellent" by her prognosis. She said everything all the way down to my blood pressure was at the ideal level and that it doesn't get anymore perfect than this test! I'm stoked! If I could just kick nicotine, I'll be all set!

Smoking rarely is still not ideal, but better than some pack -a- day habit. :shrug:

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You don't count.
Be careful, him's sensitive
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