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Good Tires for Mustang

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I have been looking for a good set of tires for my mustang. any recommendations? has anyone ever heard of nexen 3000 and if so are they any good?. a guy at discount tire told me the best tire for performance and wear would be the nitto t555r drag radial but seems a little extreme to me and happens to be one of the more expensive tires so i figured i would come to the best place with guys that know the answers. any help would be most Appriciated. thanks guys
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Might help to know what car, what size tire you need, and what your driving
style is.
Susp. mods, and rim type too..

Just to help narrow it down
What kind of stang? And what what type of driving do you do? Daily, weekend toy, race car? Ive never heard of Nexxon. I personally like Nittos.
sorry about that, it might help. i drive an 02 mustang gt supercharged and modded and am about to put 17x9's on the front and 17x10.5 on the back. i dont race here often and she is more of my toy. i am eating the stock tires off. i want performance and longevity. price is not so much of an issue if i know the tire is the standard of what they put on there.
performance and longevity
keep in mind, these two words usually do not go together when talking tires...
Sorry but when it comes to tires you will have to sacrafice a little on either performance or longevity depending on what you want. Performance tires wear faster and tires that last a long time are not very grippy.
i know just seeing if there is an in between maybe more of an affordable performance tire. i know those two dont usually go together either lol. something good that wont break the bank
i guess since i dont drive her every day, i am looking for a good solid performance tire..
Nitto DR's or MT DR's. I have Nittos DR's on my Z and they hook decently for a DR.
Nitto NT-05 is a great tire. I have it on my 98 Cobra thats pushing 460 and I cut a couple 1.9 60ft with them and the wear is suppose to be better than the DR's. The Nexxen is ONLY good for the front tires but they aren't great, I went falken.
Don't go with Nexens...that's what is on mine right now and they suck donkey dick. They are also made in Korea...
Azenis RT-615 - Falkens
The Nittos listed...

Off the top of my head...those are the two I'd consider. The Falkens are good road racing tire...etc.
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