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Gas leak on 1996 GT

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I have a 96 GT that developed a serious gas leak. I had noticed the last 2-3 times I had filled the car that there was a gas smell after filling (I'd usually notice it the first night I parked in the garage), but I never saw any leak or noticed any reduction in milage.

Today I fill the car up sure enough, I look and it's a fast drip right where the filler neck meets the tank. It was enough that there was a puddle under the car.

Any suggestions on where to take it? I really don't want to work on fuel related stuff myself, just paranoid about working with fuel after hearing multiple stories.

I'm located just to the SE of 35 & 635. We have AAA, so getting it towed is not a problem. I appreciate any help.
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easy fix, donut gasket. Sucks you just filled up...
Working with fuel related objects is no big deal. Just be sure to wear safety glasses (in case it sprays toward your face) and don't smoke or cause any sparks.
Thanks for the help guys. It was definitely the donut gasket between filler and tank.

Called Westway Ford and they said the part was $56. That seemed outrageous so I called Five Star off of 35 and it was $34. I'll take that.

Again, appreciate the help.
I keep those in stock @ Dallas Mustang

34 bux for a 10 dollar rubber grommett? what a ripoff
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