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fitting 19" rackmount components in a 23" rack

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Well, semi media room related, but I think fits better here in the Computers section. I bought an older server rack off of CL recently and it has become my media closet rack.

I now want to add a rackmount PC and KVM drawer but I cant find any thing that fits. It seems everything is based on the 19" standard while my rack is closer to 23" wide. Are 23" racks THAT old school and obsolete? Are there adapter panels that will let me mount a setup cleanly?

If not, no biggy. I can fabricate 23" shelves like the ones I have in there now and mount it that way. Also am looking for KVM/LCD drawer and a decent rackmount box that has a PCI slot and can run the GeoVision DVR card and software.
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You have a rack that was primarily for Telco equipment, but it's not a big deal. Grab the above adapter kit and you can mount whatever you need.
thanks for the fast response, what about depth? My total cabinet depth is about 31". Does the 19" standard follow the same depth? Am looking for physical dimensions on the Dell 0636U and am striking out. :cussing:
The depth is fine. You have a Dell 23PKM which is a standard fit for 19" racks. 29.5" depth is standard size.

If you need a rack kit for it, this shoudl get you started with the above adapter:
Why not just go buy a standard 19" rack? By the time you buy all the rack reducers you can probably just go buy a new rack. Data Optics has black hoffman's for @ $115 or hell I might have one I'll sell ya for $100
no, the 23 suits me fine with the shelves. Many of my componenets arent rack mount and the wiser space with shelves works great. I only need adapters for the server and the kbd/lcd tray
While the idea of having a server in the media rack seems cool, the noise factor may be an issue.

I am considering the 2U Dell 2650. Anyone familiar with the 2650? Can lower speed fans be installed? I know SCSI drives generate more heat but for a dedicated DVR am thinking the existing cooling system would be overkill (save for maybe the power supply fan) Was even considering SATA or IDE drives for this.
A 2650 is a loud SOB. You do not want it in a home theater. Because of the design, the fans have to be small and powerful in order to draw air through the case. There is no gettign aroudn the noise, which is fine because it was meant for a datacenter or server room.

Your best bet is to get an 4U aftermarket rackmount case and build a computer out of components. Then you can install quiet fan, drives, etc and not have to worry about it.
yeah, thats what I was afraid of. The 2650 would look cool but in the end functionality rules. Its not going in my media room. I have a communication and media closet where all wiring for voice, data, audio and video are run from. Its in my hallway and next to our bedroom. Unless I could get it down to a decibel level of a standard desktop its going to be a deal breaker.

I think I can just slap a nice desktop in there and call it a day.

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Well I bought one anyway, thought it would be a good web development box but would like to multi-purpose it also as my security server. Problem is, the geovision card is PCI and the available slots in the 2650 are PCI-E. The card will fit, but is not the correct length and leaves a 3/4" gap on the backplane.

Will the 2650 accept standard PCI bus cards in the PCI-E slots?
I'll have to try it on one of mine.

I've got 2 2650s and 4 1650s here in my lab/cabinet.

Boy does the wife hate it when I power em all up :)
am shopping around for other servers and am seeing some dealers that are pulling coa stikcers and charging additional for license. Is that legal?I thought the whole OEM EULA thing meant that the OEM license sticker on the PC had to be sold with that PC and was meant only for that unit.

I know the keys can be used on other PC's by the same manufacturer but isn't it illegal for these dealers to be peeling stickers or charging extra for a license?
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