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First day in the gym...

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Man there are so many machines i dont know what todo.

I biked for as long as my knees could take it at a level i could take. About 30 min on that machine.

Then i hit the treadmill and walked at 3.5mph for 20 min.

I then did 40 reps of 75 pounds on the think you lay on your back and push up with your feet.

I did some other things as well.

Where can a guy find a routine to start with? My goal right now is to get some weight off before it gets to late.

5'7 and 176 pounds.

Id like to put on some in my upper body and shoulders to help stabilize my joints.

I'd like to go in with a plan.
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A fundamental website I always recommend is exrx.net

Great visuals of how to do many different exercises, and you can also search by body part to see what exercises hit what muscles.

Thanks again guys.

Tonight sucked. Put in a solid kick my ass work day and then went and kicked my ass some more.

My shoulder i had surgery on continues to get stronger since june. Im up to 10 pound weights. Dont laugh before it hurt to lift my arm above my head.

I still get a tendon on the ac joint that pops and it will hurt from time to time.

I hope once the shoulder continues to get stronger that will go away.
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