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I got enough money from parts sales off my cobra to get new MSD wires and a MSD coil. I replaced the stock coil and the 4 year old FMS wires I had. It drives like a totally different car.

Even when it wasn't missing bad enough to notice, it would barely break the tires loose. Now I can be in 2nd at 30mph at it will light them up with ease with 3/4 throttle.

Thanks to Mikeb for mentioning the MSD wires. I prefer their design over the FMS wires and they seem to be better quality for close to the same price. I'll get my MSD 6a installed in the next month and my ignition mods should be complete.
I need to get some drag radials back on the car now so I can have some traction.


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Forrest said:
FWIW, my machinist has a 7.50 car (that's 1/4 mile there folks...) it's a blown big block olds. he runs MSD 8.5mm wires on it.

The motor builder we used at a shop I worked for tested EVERY new product on the market looking for more power. They had some gadget that tested plug wires. The MSD wires came out on top and FMS came out on bottom (of the "performance" wires they tested...no regular brands were used)
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