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Finally found a pic of what I want to do to my Capri

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I found a Pro-streeted Capri after combing thru tons of pics online. The Europeans really seem to be the only source for my Capri since they sold them over there until 86. Over there they are like the Foxbody Mustangs over here. I already have a narrowed 9. Need a 3rd member,axles and the rear set up. I think ladder bar will be easier to screw with on the street. The first one is mine, the red one is what I want to do to mine.

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I think it would look better mini tubbed with 10 tire on the rear.
I think it would look better mini tubbed with 10 tire on the rear.

Also, that red car should have had the tubs placed higher in the car to drop the body more. My .02

I think it would look better mini tubbed with 10 tire on the rear.
Mini tubs would be easier on my wallet as well
so many better money pits
I am sure there are, and I have had tons of them, 2 Javelins, 69 Nova ss, 71 chevelle, 79 Malibu, v8 vega, v8 pinto, blah blah blah. But why build the stuff that you see everyday. I ASSURE you I can't go to a gas station, grocery store, anywhere, and peole not come up to that car and 1) if they are old dig the shit out of it because they haven't seen one in forever. 2) just plain in hell don't know what it is but do know that V8 doesn't belong there. 3) Just a blast to drive and I dig working on it.
The cool factor is definitely there. I'll bet the front end is hard to keep down, though.

Another vote for mini tub.

Then again, I wouldn't mind turning one of those into a corner carver or Mexico roller with an Australian Falcon motor.
well its a good start.... but it will be pulling wheelies!!!!

I like this way more better...and yes I know its a 510, but same principle. Corner Carver.


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for some reason the body lines remind's me of mad max!!!
Ladder Bars don't work well for a street car. They are rigid and don't give side-to-side. If you were to run over a high area on one side the other tire would be off the ground also. Feel free to call me if you'd like some advice for a better street set-up..817-253-4134

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