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Finally after 2 1/2 years; my garage is done.....

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Its taken a lot of time and a lot of work.... What do you think????

Still waiting on some posters and other stuff to come in, but this is about all I am going to do... Trying to keep it clean and simple.

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Very nice. Looks damn good. What did you use to do the floor?
looks awsome, wish I had a garage
Very nice! Where did you get your cabinets?
Very nice. Looks damn good. What did you use to do the floor?

Rustoleum two stage epoxy (five kits).... Did three coats with the chips on the last. Let set for two weeks with zero traffic... So far, the jack or jack stands have yet to scratch or peal off..... LOTS of prep work...
Very Nice ! I wish I could keep my garage clean and neat, well it started out that way:sombrero:
Good work man. That's a clean ass garage.
Looks awesome! I'm jealous.
Wow! That looks great
Very nice! Where did you get your cabinets?
Which ones?? The ones next to the tool box I got from Lowes. Not the best quality and I wouldn't recommend them (for the price). I used wood glue and a lot of cabinet brads so its pretty strong...
Yup, the ultimate challenge will be keeping it looking like that. That is a nice touch with the chair rail, bead board, base and ceiling moldings. Makes it look more like a living space that you keep cars and tools in. And the two-tone grey? Definitely guy colors. I am following a simiar design as yours with a bank of cabinets and task-lighted counter space along the length of one wall.

I dont know if you plan to do any entertaining out there but if so you might consider some cheap recessed lighting. It really changes the atmosphere and can highlight your work areas. I have them all over my new house and plan to incorporate some into my garage if I dont have to do too much to run the wiring.

Anyhow, I give it two thumbs waaayyyy up! :bigok:
Garages like that are not meant for cars.

They are meant for members of your family that happen to have four wheels... :)
beautiful, wish i had a 2 car garage
1 - 20 of 62 Posts
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