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Fall Semester Peeps

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Today is the start of fall semster! :banana: Post up what you are doing.

At TCC I am taking 12 hours, Chem 1, Physics 2 and Spanish 1. I will have 72 hours and finish my AA this fall, then off to UTA in the spring.
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I'm finishing my last case study, then I have my final exam on Friday. I will have my professional certification (CIHM, Certified Industrial Hygiene Manager).
This Fall, I've got:
Environmental Science
Environmental Law
Industrial Ergonomics
Legal Aspects

I will hopefully be finished by the end of Spring 2010.
Just started back after 4 years of no school.

I've still got my basics to do, but am interested in a Sonography program. I'm taking only 2 classes, composition and psychology, as i'm not sure yet how school is going to fit into working full time for me.

Both of these classes are online.
Start later this evening, night classes are easier most of the time:

Chinese 2 (might be sort of hard)
Composition 2 (easy)
Philosophy and Logic (hopefully easy)
Plane Trigonometry (easy)

13 hours in total, all of them are 3 credit hours a piece except for Chinese, which is 4 hours.
At TCC for my basics. History, Art, Sociology and Algebra.

doing 12 hours
Advanced Arbitration and Contract resolution
Ethnomusicology - a study of music and its affects on popular culture in the 20th century. It fulfills a upper level class while knocking out my last elective.
Are you folks doing 12+ hours also working fulltime?
Are you folks doing 12+ hours also working fulltime?
I am, yes; hence the evening classes.
Are you folks doing 12+ hours also working fulltime?
I had trouble doing it back 2 years ago. I could knock out 9, but 12 and 12+ never worked out well.
i got 9 at UTA this semester.

philosophy of religion
labor relations
process theory of manangement

i should graduate next summer, well technically i should have graduated 5 years ago but i decided to go at school at my own pace. turns out my own pace is fucking slow!
I am, yes; hence the evening classes.
Cool, just wondering what the norm is. Being that i've been out for so long I decided on 2 easy classes to ease my way back into the mindset.

My roommate does not want to work at all while taking 12 hours a semester and now I don't feel bad making fun of him.

I had trouble doing it back 2 years ago. I could knock out 9, but 12 and 12+ never worked out well.
Thanks Nate :cool:

Once I get use to this schedule again, i'm thinking either 2 or 3 classes a time.

easy, easy, easy or easy, hard
You have to commit to do it. I had trouble committing to school fully after work and giving up hobbies for the time being. If you can commit to it fully you can handle 12 hours, but I enjoyed college some as well. Wish I would have tried a bit harder but I'm still enjoying life.
One class for me at Richland. I have no idea where I am going on campus. Didn't get a chance to do recon. Guess I will be late to the first class.
15 hours here.

bowling I
Physics I
History of Texas
Orientation (required class through navarro for As. Gen Studies.)
General Psyc
Plane Trig.

edit: me no workie full time.
German I
Group Communications
Business Communications
Hist of WWII
Hist of Mexico
Havent been since '01
Are you folks doing 12+ hours also working fulltime?
I work full time. My boss is great, lets me come and go as my school classes needs it. I am taking physics T-TH 12:30-2:00 with a lab on Thursday. My Chemistry class is M-W after work, Spanish is a Saturday class.

I don't have cable tv. I could throw away my tv right now and not miss it.
world lit
state and local gov

I work anywhere between 20-25 hours during school. It fucking sucks, but it's got to be done boys! A PHD is the new fucking high school diploma.
ahhh...nice...i am an alumni as of 2 wednesdays ago! good feeling!
Engl 1302

9 hrs but I work 50hrs a week and race on the weekends(priorities). Going to suck though, I have been in my specialty courses the last 2 semesters(buisnesses/marketing courses) so they always had my attention, I hate general academic courses.
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