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Eugene Lockhard indicted in Mortgage Scam

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Bloomberg) -- Former Dallas Cowboy football player
Eugene Lockhart was indicted by a federal grand jury along with
eight others in a $20.5 million mortgage scheme that ran from
2001 to 2005, Dallas U.S. Attorney James T. Jacks said.
Lockhart, known as “Mean Gene the Hitting Machine’’ during
his career with the Cowboys during the late 1980s, was arrested
by the FBI this morning and will be arraigned on charges of
conspiracy to commit bank fraud and wire fraud before a U.S.
magistrate in Dallas federal court this afternoon.
Lockhart was involved with several real estate entities,
many of which incorporated either “America’s Team’’ or
“Cowboys’’ in their names, Jacks said in a statement released
by his office. The conspirators concentrated on distressed or
pre-foreclosure properties in the Dallas area and used investors
as “straw borrowers’’ to falsify mortgage applications, Jacks
“The scope of the conspiracy involved approximately 54
fraudulent residential property loan closings resulting in the
funding of approximately $20.5 million in fraudulent loans,’’
Jacks said.
Lockhart played nine years as a linebacker in the National
Football League, including seven with the Cowboys, who drafted
him in the sixth round in 1984 out of the University of Houston.
Lockhart finished his career with 16 sacks, six interceptions
and one touchdown. He retired after the 1992 season, spending
his final two years with the New England Patriots.
The case is U.S. v Lockhart et al and hasn’t been assigned
a case number in the U.S. District Courts, Northern District of
Texas (Dallas).

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aw man, that is a shame. He had a photo studio over in my part of town growing up, Lockhart and Love. He had Troy Aikman come up there in '89 to sign autographs and take pictures. I still have the picture of me, Troy and Eugene in a frame in my sons room.

Oh well, I guess he is gonna get what he deserves.
Looks like he is going to be receiving hits in the anus now instead of giving out the hits.
He also has a pending felony in Denton County.
He also has a pending felony in Denton County.
For the same thing?
For the same thing?
I dont recall, it's on the county records website.
I dont recall, it's on the county records website.
Hmm. Couldn't find anything. I looked through Justice, Sheriff, and Constable's sites.
Wow, one of my all time favorite Cowboy's, ASSHOLE NINJA! I had him, Micheal Downs and Everson Walls sign a football for me a few months ago...:sadwavey:
I'm definitely saddened by this. Eugene was one of my favorite Cowboys as a kid.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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