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Emissions legal cams.... TFS Stage 1?

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What cams are you guys using to pass Dallas emissions?

Anyone have a 351W or 351W stroker passing?

I'm thinking of using the TFS Stage 1 on top of some AFR185s on my 351W.... won't make as much power I know but will make tons of torque.

This is in a '94 GT if anyone is overly curious. I'm also considering a 393 stroker, but am plain afraid I will run out of cam, head or intake with an EFI setup. It'd be a super torque monster though.
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I have a stage one in my 351 . It has TFS heads , Airgap Rpm intake with a 650 dp Holley . The cam and carb are way small for my combo but I already had the parts so I wanted to see how it would run . It has a t-5 with a 3.08 rear gear and ran a 7.78 with a 1.74 60 ft at the cruise Saturday . I shift it at 5k because it runs out of steem above that . It realy needs more cam and carb but I have already pulled it and its going in my wifes's 86 vert . I figure its a good combo for her with a heavy car , aod with 2400 stall and 3.73's . I am also putting on a Demon 750 vs carb to work better with the auto . She will get a little spray after she gets used to it also .
I got a brand new stage III TFS reduced circle cam if any of you 351 guys might be interested.
I would love it but the pistons aren't notched that large and I think that would be alot of cam for a heavy auto street car . I am going to a 302 blowthru setup in my car and I already have that motor built also .
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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