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eibach drag springs

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i know someone has installed these! i have a 90 model mustang im having a problem getting the front drag springs in! the coil spring compressors im using are not compressing the spring enough to get the spring in, and also when i lift the control arm.the compressor arms are hitting stopping it from going in,:damnit1: is there a diffrent one to use these springs are tall uncompressed, im wondering if i should shorten them for lower ride height dont want the front to high! is there a trick to it if anyone can help me out and has experience with these springs i would appreciate it alot thanx!!!
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I removed the lower control arm. Then put the spring in with a jack under the control arm. Had to run a ratchet strap to the other side to keep the jack from moving. It took several tries to find the best spot for the jack so it went in correctly.
If you cut the spring any, you will lose some of what it is designed to do.

I place the spring in the pocket of the a-arm, then compress it down, lift it into place, and attach the strut.

If your spring compressor is hitting the upper pocket, then place the plate/fork a few coils lower.

Yes, those springs are longer, but they compress a lot.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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