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ECM question

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I'm considering buying a reconditioned ECM from O'reilly. Does the ECM have to be flashed after install or is it just plug and play?
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They should have either ready to go ones, or they can send yours out and get it
I know at Napa we have some that the only option is to send yours out for refurb, and flash, and some ready to go.

There is also a place in Grand Prairie ( I forget the name right now ) that can re-do
yours as well...

PLUG AND PLAY. Why are you replacing the computer.
PLUG AND PLAY. Why are you replacing the computer.
Because it is dead. Guages bounce erraticaly, all the warning lights flash at random, and it shuts off at random. I tried to read the memory on the thing, but it would not communicate.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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