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DFW National Cancer Survivors Day Car Show
Sunday, June 1, 2008
The Filling Station,
Plano, TX

As some of you know, there is a pre-existing weekly car show at this
location, promoted by Jared with
RiceKiller.com. Therefore, I
have adopted the agenda to compliment the existing times, but these
times are subject to change.

Agenda - Sunday, June 1, 2008
  • 1.00p - 2.00p: Car Show Participant Registration and Vendor Setup
  • 2.00p - 2.30p: Event Opens to Public, Presentation of Event,
    Explanation of Car Show Judging, and Thank You to Volunteers
  • 2.00p - 5.00p: Car Show Judging (5.00p - 5.30p: Tally Votes)
  • 5.30p - 6.00p: Awards Show (Car Show, Door Prizes, Silent Auction,
    etc.) and Closing Presentation

At this point, there will not be categories in the since that each
category winner will receive a prize. We will however, organize the
participants in similar gruops.

Car Show Groups
  • Car Cancer Survivors (must include picture of car prior to
    restoration from rust)
  • Modern Cars
  • Classic Cars
  • Trucks/SUV's
  • Motorcycles/ATV's
  • And more...

The charity for this event is
Virginia R.
Cvetko Patient Education Center
and their program that they are
in the process of developing. Below you will find a brief overview of
this program. All of the money raised at this event will be donated
directly to this program to help offset the costs involved to create
and implement this program and to provide longevity to continue this
program for years to come. Based on the information that I have read,
most of which is provided here, this program addresses true concerns a
cancer survivor faces, and I feel that it will be a huge benefit to
those that are both recently cured and to those who have been cured
for many years.

The information below was received directly from Mr. Greg Powers, with
the Virginia R. Cvetko Center, but has been edited to fit within this

The LLS chapter in San Antonio developed this transition program. It
will probably be revised before being instituted at the Virginia R.
Cvetko Center, but this is a pretty good outline of what is planned.

Transitions: Life After Cancer
  • Session 1: Fear of Recurrence - MD speaker
  • Session 2: Psychosocial Issues around Survivorship - Social Work speaker
  • Session 3: Long-Time Side Effects: What They Don't Tell You - MD speaker
  • Session 4: Sex After Cancer - RN speaker
  • Session 5: Nutrition and Complementary Therapies - Nutritionist speaker
  • Session 6: Celebration of Life - Chaplain speaker
would be held for two hours, every other week. The first part of the
program would be a speaker for approximately one hour. The second
part would consist of a support group type meeting to discuss the
information from the talk or any other issues from the group.

This show cannot happen without volunteers, so I am asking for help
from anyone willing and able to donate their time to help make this
show a great success. Below you will find some specific areas that I
need help with, but if you can only give a few minutes a week, let me
know, and I'm sure I can find something for you. Some of these
volunteer opportunities do not take place on the day of the show, so
if you're not going to be in town for the show and still want to help,
there are plenty of options

General Event - To oversee the general progress of the event
  • Organize vendors and sponsors
  • Collect donations
  • Organize individual volunteers
Car Show - To plan and
organize the car show
  • Gather support from local car clubs
  • Organize the categories
  • Plan voting procedure
  • Run table at event (at least 2 at all times for entire
Additional Volunteers
  • Pass out fliers
  • Make phone calls
Thank you all for your continued support.

An edited version of this is available on the main page of the Google
Groups website for NCSD
. Please contact me directly if you would like to help out
in any way. Also, please pass this information along to anyone who
might be interested in attending, helping, or sponsoring/donating.

Thank you all for your time.

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