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Since the dealership model creates a notoriously painful buying experience, I’m looking for recommendations. I’m in Richardson, so Five Star, North Central, and Auto Nation Frisco were the ones I was considering.

Any input is appreciated, thanks!

some additional context - I’m planning to order a Mustang Mach-E which will involve a substantial wait time. I don’t anticipate any pricing issues since I can build/price/order on Ford’s website, so my main concern is overall customer service. Since it’s a new model there is a chance there will be little things that need serviced post-purchase. I also don’t want to deal with a salesperson that will try to hit me up for additional bogus fees that they try to make seem necessary. Just looking for a straight-shooting, friendly dealership experience.
Besides this, I am also considering buying a Wireless Carplay adapter for my new Mach-E. I recently saw an advertisement for a small adapter that you plug into the iPhone USB connection in your car and it essentially turns your CarPlay into wireless CarPlay. That way you don't need to physically plug in your phone every time you get in the car. I hope it works as what its ads. (U2W Plus) Carlinkit 3.0 Wireless Apple CarPlay Adapter Dongle for Wired CarPlay
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