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debating going to elect. water pump

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debating installing one on my FOX. I just can't get it to run at the temp. I think it should be running. won't come off the 210* mark. I run dual 12" fans and an aluminum radiator. can someone point out some advantages to running an elect. pump. and for that matter can someone also point out the disadvantages.
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What temperature thermostat are you running? 210 is pretty much an optimal temperature for a fuel injected engine.
running a 180. usually my car will get to 200 and as soon as I turn the fans on it cools down to 170 almost instantly. for the past few months I haven't been able to get it under 200.
damn, I'm just not used to seeing the temp. needle half way on the gauge.
The last few months have been summer!
Just sayin.
I have a very similar set-up as you except I have a 165 robertshaw thermostat. Water temps never go over 200 with my fans off and if I turn them on, it will kick down to around 175 in under a minute. 200-215 is perfectly fine though. Keep in mind you have been going through a Texas summer.
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