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Curiosity: Flat bench vs dumbell incline

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What are your numbers?
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Weird, the club I work out at has only one flat and incline bench and they never get used. Everyone there always crowds around the dumbell racks. I've never had to wait to do a set on either bench in the 2 years I've been a member.
On a good day I'll do 3 sets of 225X10X8X6 and one set at 185 as many reps as possible. Incline I'll do 3 sets of 185X10X8X6 and one set of 135 as many reps as possible. Probably get into incline dumbell in the next few months.
I haven't pushed up a barbell in over a year now, it sucks not having a trusted spotter. I usually stick to the Hammer Strength incline/decline, and all three angles for cable flyes.
Yea, I've heard, but I sure hope not!
I am going back into the gym today and already trying to self rehab it a bit on my own.
I took off the last 3 days(longest in 2 years) and feel like I'm just withering away now.

I think I am going to cut way down on the heavy deadlifts for quite a while, as the results aren't worth the risks involved in my book.
Man, didn't you fuck up your back somehow the week before? Calm the fuck down, lol.
21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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