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Crimson Trace Grips

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Have you any of you guys had to use the warranty for Crimson Trace grips. They have a 3 year warranty but I can not find my damn receipt. The ones on my sig will not adjust to the left or right (windage?). It does move up and down (elevation)
I have followed the manual and am just thinking it needs to be sent back.
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Well I spoke with Crimson Trace today after they responded to my email almost immediately. They gave me an order number and said to send the grips in question back. They seem very stand up so far. Will update when I get my grips back. For $280 they better be stand up lol.
they make great products, have always been nice to me when I e-mailed them... on all 3 of the guns they don't make grips for.
glad to hear they have good service cause im about to pick up a 1911 style pistol and i think in the future i will get me one also
Well just an update for you guys on the customer service. I sent the grips in question back in under the standard 3 year warranty. First I contacted them through email where they gave me a number to call. I called and was given an order number and shipping address. I sent my laser back priority certified. I did not hear a thing for 2 weeks. I sort of figured that since I had no proof of purchase they were not going to honor the warranty. I did buy the gun used with the grips,but had all original packaging that told me the warranty was about to expire in October. Well I sent an email out when I figured I had given them long enough and went home for the day. Well when I got home there was a package waiting with a brand new set of laser grips and all the accessories they come with new. Felt like Christmas for a second. Best customer service I have had to use.
Thats great. I really wanted the Kimber crimson carry ii at the gun show this weekend.
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