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The sealant is not impervious to scratching as we had some furniture peel the sealer right off. Requires the use of mineral spirits to loosen and then reseal.

You must wax the high traffic areas with hard as rock wax

You cannot use soap or ammonia to wash the floor only hot water

It looks awesome with more blemishes

If you have any type of chemical on the floor already like glue, paint, tape, sealer you must mechanically remove it or the stain wont react wit hthe concrete.
If you take off to much of the cream coat off the stain will not penetrate the substrate.

Do it Yourself it is not hard and looks good. Just have plastic and a sprayer with no metal parts in it. The chemicals are cheap and if you do not like it just carpet or tile over it.

Only use a 1/8" line if you are making a any scores.

We did Basket weave in our Study with two colors, a Compass rose in our entry with two colors, a border design in our dining room that matched the triple tray ceiling and then 18" tiles in the family room and kitchen. In our bedroom we did a tortoise color with no designs and that has the most flaws and looks the best.

Good luck and if you want to take a look feel free to PM.

Come spring I will be doing our back patio.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts