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Cobra Storm Pictures

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A buddy of mine and I went and took some pictures of a passing storm. Not the best quality but pretty cool.

If anyone wants to do some photoshop magic then have at it.
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Was Michael J Fox holding the camera? Lol j/k, nice job on catching the bolt.
Lol yeah it was hard to keep it still with the quickshot function with no tripod. We ran out and drove down the street and just took some quick shots. I need a better camera... Here are some more...

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some good ass lightning pictures. i can't ever catch em like that.
last pic is the best. Your car looks killer with the saleen wheels.
That looks great minus the camera quality
He is selling it. It has a built engine, full exhaust, a lot of susp mods. It's ready for a big blower. Paint is in great shape...PM me for details.
Was Michael J Fox holding the camera? Lol j/k, nice job on catching the bolt.
lmfao!!! i love that bab cobra. thats my favorite color of that body style.
Second set looks better, invest in a cheap tripod, and turn your ISO down to help the grainyness.
how were you able to capture the lightning? by time I take my shot it's too late.

Your cobra looks Identical to my buddy Steven in Carrollton
My Cannon is a two stage where you push the button a little and it focuses then when you put it all the way down the shutter goes off. I just sat there with the quickest shutter speed with my finger on the trigger. When the lightning went off I pushed it as fast as I could. I know nothing about digital camera yet. I haven't quite caught up but I'm pretty good with a 35mm. I need to invest in a tripod and good digital.
Nice. I don't think my car has ever seen lightning.
damn it! my fist mustang was a bab gt. i just bought my 95' cobra but i haven't even gotten it yet. my dad is bringing it up tomorrow. i might do a two tone paint job and make the top bab. i love that color.
Nice cars!

Where was that taken? Just so I never go the fuck over there! :eek: Hell, it looked like lightening struck the same damned place every time.

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