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Clutch slipping in 3rd and 4th gear?

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I went to the drag strip this past weekend in my 01 Bullitt. For the first 1/8 mile or so, the car ran strong. My best 60ft time was 1.95 with a reaction time of like .073 so the car was launching very well but whenever I would shift into 3rd gear it would slip a little and then even worse in 4th to the point that it would not engage fully. I have a Ram Clutch in the car and an adjustable Steeda cable. Can anyone tell me what the heck happened because it totally ruined some very good runs for me and I am curious.
Could it be possible that I have my clutch pedal adjusted up to high and it is as simple as moving it down a bit?

Thanks for any advice

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Try adjusting it first, after that you know what comes next!!!
The highest load on the clutch is 4th, so if you can not adjust it out then a new clutch is in your future. If the pedal engages in the middle or toward the bottom you probably need a clutch, if it is at the top before it engages then you have some adjustment left.
Yes, it is at the very top which is pretty nice for on the street because I can basically push the clutch far enough with minimal movement of my legs.
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