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CL ad that will give you a headache....

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Try reading all of this at once, I'll bet it gives you a headache.....

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I cant tell when he is saying something is good or bad with the truck. I think he said in the same sentence..new carb,rockers,engine noks???? So is the engine knocking with new parts? That just screwed the rest of my day tring to understand that. Thanks jerk! LOL:confused2:
I heard the voice of Boomhauer in my head as I read that.
ran out of breath
Its a shame, because a c10 is probably easy to sell, and he is making it harder on himself by typing.
I could only get through 15 words before having an epileptic seizure.
I heard the voice of Boomhauer in my head as I read that.

I tried, but I had a combination of mental illnesses suddenly rear their ugly heads causing me to kick an elderly woman in front of a bus.
Damn that was a rough read
<-----Grabbing some asprins
I think his english teacher just commited suicide.
Sounds like a sweet ride.
If intrested email me and ask and also intrested in trade for v8 camaro and mustang stick but maybe auto or 4x4.
Does he seriously want a 4x4 mustang? :confused2:

1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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