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Cheap Garage Apartment In Denton

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I didn't have a clue where to post this. Mods can move it if need be. Thanks.

I have a garage apartment in Denton that I need to sublease. It's within walking distance of UNT and is a great deal. I'm moving out by Thursday, January 21. Let me know if anyone's interested. If we didn't have a baby on the way, I'd wring this chamois as long as I could. Lol!

The lease will be from January 22, 2010 through June 30, 2010. January 22 through January 31 will be pro-rated. The typical lease term is 1 year.

650-700 sq ft
1 Bedroom
1 Bathroom
Living Room
Study Area
1 car garage
Storage room

Wired for Verizon Fios
Pet deposit already paid

$400 a month
$400 deposit (negotiable)

Rent + utilities + Fios never ran more than $550 a month, even during the summer. I added special touches here and there to help with utility efficiency.

-Andrew 972 742 5155
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Anyone? I really don't want to pay the f*ckin' reletting fee.
Post pics man.
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