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Charity Poker Run Saturday 8-29

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Two of the greatest things come together at the same time- Cruising your ride and obtaining the best poker hand.

When-Saturday August 29th
Where-start at Taco Casa, end at Taco Casa
Registeration fee- $10
Who wins-Whoever has the best poker hand
Prizes-1st, 2nd, 3rd place

What you will do:
Drive to a total of 4 stops other than Taco Casa
At each stop the participant will throw a dart at any face up card to add to their poker hand
If the contestent does not wish to take the card, they can pay for a second try.
You will do the above at three additional stops
The 5th and final stop will be a competetion at Taco Casa. The paticipant will parallel park a specefic vehicle in between two cones. If a cone is hit, 5 seconds will be added to your time.
The person with the fastest time will choose the card he/she wants then the 2nd fastest will choose and so on.
Participants will then show their cards to see who has the best hand.
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bump for those interested. :) See yall tomorrow
Thanks to our sponsors for their support and prizes:
LG motorsports
Burger Island
Taco Casa
Mens Warehouse

And thanks to those who were able to participate. The money earned will go towards families who have special needs children who are unable to get on govt programs.

We have a few more events coming up and I'll post more details about these later:
Sept 20th- Car show @ Taco Casa
Oct. 3- car wash at Taco Casa
Oct 24th- Evening back roads vehicle cruise to the Galaxy Drive In.
Dec- Special needs children's day with Santa photoshoot.
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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