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Car Toys Car Show - Lewisville, TX 08-29-09

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All of the judging will be done by the people in attendance. So bring your friends to support you in the vote.

Also, we will be accepting donations for Airborne Angel Cadets of Texas. They will be on site collecting items for care packages for our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. Old cell phone, working or not, are needed! They are traded for phone cards for the troops to call home. So that old busted ass Razr sitting in your dresser drawer can do some good!

We finally have categories!
Crazy Custom - For the highly moddified crowd. Cars that have been modified in ALL aspects, like the Chevy truck that was here last time.
Street Beat - Nicest audio system. This has nothing to do with SPL or SQ, and everything to do with quality product and a nice install.
Show Off - Best presentation/theme.
Best Kept Secret - Cars that are modified with stock parts from other cars, or mods that are not noticed by the untrained eye. Like Greg's car.
Sittin' Pretty - Suspension, wheels, brakes, etc. Best stance, essentially.
****'N'Span - Cleanest ride. For the cars that pay attention to every little detail, and get every spec of dust. Inside and out. Clay bar a must, lol.
People's Choice - Best in show. This for whomever gets the most points in all categories combined. Even if this one doesn't win any other trophies, this one is for whoever has the most overall points.

Again, all judging will be done by those in attendance. Car Toys staff will NOT be voting on anything. I've even considered doing the tally in the wide open for everyone to watch, but due to the amount of paper that will need to be shuffled, this may not be a possibility. I look forward to seeing everyone on Saturday, and make sure and bring some goodies for the troops. Also, old cell phones, working or not, are needed! They are traded for phone cards for the troops to call home. Batteries, charger, and accessories are not needed but can be taken if you want to get rid of them.
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AMP energy drink will be on-site for part of the show handing out freebies for everyone in attendance.
Did you have a good turnout? You forgot to post this on USAM.:scratchchin:
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