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Car sketches I scanned

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I finally got around to scanning in my folder of sketches from 85 - 91. I was 12 when I started. I haven't tried to sketch anything like these in years. I wanted to scan these to preserve them and try to do some touch up. I wish I hadn't used notebook paper on most of them. Anyway, FWIW, enjoy.


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Very nice drawings... enjoyed them
Dug the M1 and 959. I ran across a bunch of my drawings from when I was younger when I was moving this summer and was shocked to find that some of them were actually decent.
Those are great Frank! I used to be a drawing mofo, kinda disappointed I never did anything with it.
damn dude you got some talent...
damn dude you got some talent...
no shit.

i only looked at a handful.

very nice man.
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