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Capitalism: A Love Story

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Here we go.

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if i'm not mistaken, which i'm not, handing out money definitely would not be an example of capitalism.

fuck michael moore. hope he dies on top of a hooker.
Wonderful, more socialist filth from the neo Gerbles. :eek13:
What a chode stroker.

Capitalism does not guarantee that you will make oodles of money, but it sure as hell beats the alternatives. There is a reason we won the cold war...
If I am not mistaken, capitalism is about free markets and competition. If you can't compete with the next guy and your aren't disabled in any way, sorry about your bad luck.
I'm disappointed. It took him 44 seconds to get Bush on there. The Bush card usually gets played quicker on his stuff.
that guy definitely has an ability to show certain parts of certain things to make his point...i'm sure that a lot of people will go see that.

as far as the deal with wall street paying millions and getting billions...it is strange that bear stearns and lehman brothers went down the tubes, but the fed completely changed the rules so they could give goldman sachs tons of money in bail-out funds, when their ex employee is secretary of the treasury... i can definitely see a lot of corruption in that whole deal.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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