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Btls-Prank call to Matel about the tattoo barbie

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I lmfao!.
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ROFLMAO..that was awesome. The chic on the phone even got a kick out of it
She TRIED to stay professional but couldn't help but laugh at some of those jokes. I would have been laughing my ass off!
"I mean why does Barbie get tattoos when Ken can't even get a fuckin dick?" LMAO!!!
Haha that shits funny right there!
Repost. I posted this a month or two back, and it never got any views. Ned cracks me the fuck up.

Blowing truckers for cheese fries at the Flying J. Needles and kneepads sold seperately. lmfao
I love the part about barbie house being foreclosed on because Ken got laid off at GM and all he does is sit at home watching porn lmao
lol thats funny shit. The bitch on the phone couldnt stop laughing
Seriously, the segregation barbie would be fantastic:D
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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