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Beach Street Sonic

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Tonight, 7pm.
For the noobs, it's the one off 820, go north on Beach for a little bit, almost to Western Center.
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Grate meat, guys!
Well did anyone show? I should be able to start hitting it again sometime in the next few weeks. I hope to get my clutch early next week, then I will be good to go again. I just have had the car parked and I am not going to roll the dodge to a car meet:(
U have before
Thanks to a faulty stock quadrant/adjuster and cable not adjusting the car has been parked. Got a new quadrant and firewall adjuster and all is well and car is drivable once again. I am down to get the tuesday meet going again. So Jeremy if you are still in for it, lets get it going again
So.... whats the verdict on Tuesday? When and Where? After 4 years without a horse I finaly convinced by wife to let me get another... got my 01 Bullitt last week.
Im in for Tuesday meet!
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