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Bangla Bangers....

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Ya'll seen that show? On HDTHR channel? It's Monster Garage, Middle East style... they're putting together hot rods with scrap metal and junk parts.... they get their motors from some open market motor warehouse, same with any of the other parts they're trying to scrounge up.....

.... The guy that's heading up the hot rod build bought a motor and wanted to see it run, so they set the whole thing on the ground and put a battery next to it, dumped some fuel into a tube, shorted the starter relay, and fired it up right there on the ground, LOL!

Pretty crazy stuff.

I know, wrong forum.
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Sounds very similar to Chop Shop... I've been watching it for a bit.
watching the one with Lipu and Bernie tonight. Dude this is HILARIOUS!
Bangla Brothers is basically the pilot for Chop Shop. Kinda interesting show to watch
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