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bad ass F450

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and would be a bad ass bike hauler. love how the rear comes down to act as a ramp and it has such a deep bed.


but why front wheel drive on a damn truck? that kinda ruins it right there.
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to the max!!!
its interesting... Im not big on the cab stretch but the fold down tailgate/bumper is kinda cool. Would be better if they could find a way to leave it RWD. I like the fat ass tire out back.
I rolled that bitch.
not a big fan of the extended cab part, should of left it 4 door but I would still roll it...
that is sick, i love it. no need for the extended part but oh well.
Agreed on the extended part.

Nice ass truck.
Front wheel drive really isnt a big issue. Its a pavement pounder .
Bad ass truck FWD part is kinda gay though.
What a waste of a nice truck.
Pimp the HECK out of it. Drool.
Bad ass truck FWD part is kinda gay though.
fixed. for the same price he probably could have made the bed less deep, and put an electronic extension on the tailgate and kept it RWD. That truck's gonna break.
Not a fan of lowered duallys but that thing is pretty pimp.
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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