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I'm sure I'll forget something, but here goes...flywheel, clutch, PP, TOB, T-5, pilot bushing, bellhousing, clutch cable, T-5 speedo cable (some say you don't need it), pedal assy (with quadrant), speedo gear (for 5 sp.), the wiring harness for reverse, cruise, and nuetral safety feature, shifter, a dremel to enlarge the shifter hole, shifter boot, and a friend that has done it before. It's also a great time to upgrade your exhaust (it's already out), and throw in an FMS alum. driveshaft. That should get you started...

i did the swap awhile ago and it was pretty easy. got to
wcfords.com and go under tech or something and you'll find all the info you will need. it helps alot. hope this helps ya!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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