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anyone know a good garage door repair guy????

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One of the rollers came undone and the opener sometimes works sometimes doesn't think its sensors idk but anyone know someone who does this sorta thing good?
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Mine had problems after I first moved in. I had the paperwork that the original owner of the house had left me, so I called the company that originally installed the opener. They came out and told me I needed a new one and tried to get me to buy one. They ended up not being on my home warranty, so the warranty place sent this guy out and he ended up being able to fix it. Dunno if he's still around or not...

Charles Handyman Services
i'm in south fort worth dont want anyone to drive 50 miles for me thx for tip
I dunno their service area, but from what I remember, they're based in Desoto or something.
I can get you a number to a great guy, I have know him for years. Ill PM you tomorrow. He is installing a door for my dad this week.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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