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Chris98GT said:
Frogger plays with poop and other bodily fluids!
Hey...its justified..I have a degree and a license to do that. :D

Have you been to the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists?


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I have no problems changing careers. Whatever it takes to stay a step ahead of being unemployeed. And Suzie pretty much stomped on my hopes of being a cop. She says too dangerous so I'm glad that I'm still trying to earn my certifications for Microsoft and Linux. Hell in these economic times you have to stay as dynamic as possible to stay ahead. Even so I still want to be a cop! Just gotta find me a clean cut white boy for a partner and some motorcycles and boom we got the new primetime hit CHIPS 2003. Just gotta work on learning spanish so I can be "authentic".

Is she Certified X-ray tech? If so she should not have to go to school to become a CT or MRI tech. Those are cross trained modalities, you just need x-ray as a base and a certain amount of certified on the job training for CT or MRI.

Most Hospitals are going 24 hours with their CAT scanners. MRI maybe.

I am in Nuclear med, been a tech for 10 years now. Got all my training from the good ol US Army. The Army has one of the better radiology trainign sites.
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