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Anyone have a Dell.com promo code?

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Any additional codes for added savings?
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Do yourself a favor....don't buy a Dell. Our company used to buy about 50K desktops per year and another 40K-50K laptops each year, and we are no longer buying anything from them due to excessive failure rates. Back in the late 90's and up through about 04' we had pretty good luck with them, but their quality rapidly declined after that.....we've had several croak in our lab, and also several of my guys Dell laptops have shit over the past year or so.

Seriously, I'm in the business...and I deal with their shit from laptops
(in my own team) all the way up their server-level boxes (our customers)...their shit is junk now...do yourself a favor and look elsewhere.

Matter of fact, I have a highend Dell Performance tower that I use as a home server in my house....that POS is sitting right here behind me with a bad controller as of last weekend (this will be the third time in 16 months that it has crapped for no reason).
(this will be the third time in 16 months that it has crapped for no reason).
Sounds like Gateway.:soapbox:
Rreemo what type of work do you do?
Rreemo what type of work do you do?
I'm a Group Manager with Microsoft....I'm over the Americas Crisis Management division (an organization referred to as CMET).

...and a correction on my first post, I found out yesterday that we are buying some machines from Dell again....just not nearly the amount we were in the past, and hardly any laptops at all.
yeah Dell went to crap,. I use to luv thier customer service,, now i end up talking to a middle eastern guy who has a bad accent and cant understand me, i guess the custemer service got outsourced, after this computer goes obselte im not buying another from them~!:soapbox:
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