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Anyone ever repair a plastic gas tank

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Ok I drug up a 83 Jeep J10 and the biggest problem is a crack in the plastic tank. Apparently this is a normal thing. So I was wondering if you guys have ever repaired one and it held. Or I was checking out the plastic welders and heard they might work. Its off right now and hasent had gas in it in a year or so. Oh and there are no aftermarket for 80-87 or so.
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its probably gonna be a hassle trying to keep that from leaking. theres no aftermarket tanks even close to that size? Id get the dimensions and have someone fab up a new metal one.
Yeah trying to keep it reasonable though. I had thought about just putting a fuel cell in the back but I like having a fuel gauge. These apparently have some weird ohm's so if you switch tanks you are out of luck on a sender.
Any custom tank shops anyone could recomend in Dallas. I bet I could get a decent order for them.
Oreily's or Autozone has a patch kit that I used on my dads bmw, it never leaked.
I will ease by tommorrow and check out the patch kits.
I repaired a plastic tank with a fiberglass type fuel tank repair kit. Worked just fine. Might want to drill out the end of the cracks to relieve the stress at those points then patch it all up.
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